What does ValueFunder want to do?

We believe that blockchain will redefine finance, information, security and more realms in the future. Meanwhile, we consider that most of current blockchain projects are not well developed enough to deploy applications in the next generation.

Our vision is to incubate early and mid-term blockchain projects with technical and financial support. What we select are only the next unicorns in blockchain industry; What we launch are only ideas able to make the world decentralized.

ValueFunder esteems equal and indiscriminate disclosure of information. Regardless of countries, and class levels, everyone has the access to blockchain era. Whoever, with IEC (Investor & Entrepreneur Coin), is able to invest block chain projects on ValueFunder.

Angle round of IEC will launch in February and we will conduct a series of roadshows in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. Meanwhile, new users can purchase IEC with discounts, locking the accesses to unicorn blockchain offers in advance.

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What is IEC

  • What is IEC?

    IEC, fully named Investor & Entrepreneur Coin, can only be presently purchased on ValueFunder. During angel round, you can buy IEC by either BTC or ETH, and invest the unicorn blockchain offer.

  • What is the value of IEC?

    In April, first group of blockchain offers will be published on Valuefunder. Offers will be denominated by IEC instead of fiat currency. In the near future, IEC will gradually become the key currency in our ecosystem and guild those with belief to develop blockchain.

  • What is the pattern of IEC ?

    IEC is your tickets for offers on ValueFunder. With IEC, you can invest every offers without limits. Investor users can purchase IEC on our website during angel round, ICO platforms in April or digital currency platforms afterwards. Also, IEC itself is also good to own and will be applied in more scenes beside being used to purchase other tokens.

Time Line

Valuefunder will gradually improve the project's fund-raising timeline, and the certified investors will be able to participate in all of these platforms and activities in the future.

IEC Angel Round

Feb.- Mar. IEC Promotion

Publish First Groups of Offers

Apr. - Jun. Platform will publish first group of blockchain offer

Platform Upgrade

Jun. - Nov. Develop underlying technologies to
construct various service system

ValueFunder Online

Feb. Launch ValueFunder and promote IEC

Initial Coin Offering

Apr. IEC ICO on 1-2 Platform

IEC Lists on Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Jun. -Oct. Provide IEC liquidiity to blockchain offer issuers

To Be Continued


Every offer is associated with risks. Be considerate!

The project is going online

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Why us

  • Rich Experience

    Our team has rich early-stage project investment experience. Till now, we already invested 80 unicorn projects, each one with size of one million USD.

  • 1 Billion + Fundraising

    With strong competence of IR team and high quality resource, we already invested 1billion USD in various emerging industries.

  • Open Safe Platform

    As an open information platform, we will help you to find future partners and source of funds.Your submission of ideas or documents will be recorded in our public chain as a certificate and escort of your knowledge.