How do I list my token on ValueFunder?

Please fill out our application form here and we'll get back to you.

Who is ValueFunder for?

ValueFunder is for networks and companies raising money online through token sales. Money raised is normally used to build out a token’s technology and network.

How long does accreditation take?

For security reasons, It will take 72 hours, though it’s usually much faster. Please contact hello@valuefunder.com with any accreditation specific inquiries.

What’s a qualified purchaser?

We will support every registered user to purchase IEC to support projects that he/she likes. By buying IEC, users will become the platform purchaser users. During this period, we only need to verify your identity information to help us protect your assets.

At the same time, we also suggest that purchaser should purchase tokens in proper amount according to their own assets to avoid the risk of non-control.

What types of currency can I invest with on ValueFunder?

You can invest with BTC. In the future, we will support Ether.